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We deliver information, insights and intelligence through unique event formats. From live events to virtual events to trainings, we have it all covered.

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Take a look at all our conferences, virtual events and managed events for the upcoming year.

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Live Event

Pricing Strategy World Summit 2023

Barcelona, Spain | 30 May – 01 June 2023

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Live Event

Pricing Strategy USA Summit 2023

Los Angeles, California | 19-21 September 2023

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Live Event

Auto IP & Legal USA Summit 2023

Detroit, Michigan | 29-30 November 2023

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Ardent for events, information and insights

Tailor-made platforms created to perfect the art of learning, networking and business development. Ardensi events are curated keeping in mind the industry’s needs, these events provide unparalleled access to information, data and learning along with detailed networking opportunities to maximize your business potential.


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We are an international team with extensive events experience in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, we have a passion for providing access to information, data and learning.

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Welcome to our media section, Ardensi collaborates with leading media publications and websites from across the globe to help deliver the right content and information to industries worldwide. Here you can find our latest news, images and videos. To get in touch with our media team please contact

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